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Teacher 2 go

Mission Statement

At Teacher 2 Go your goals become our goals. Our sense of achievement is created by clients’ realisation of their language learning goals. We work alongside all our clients to develop courses that are best suited to their needs.

Customised Courses

By making sure all clients receive a specially developed needs analysis before starting their formal lessons, we can better design a course around their needs and language goals.


That’s why we offer a variety of different types of language courses from Business to Academic purposes
and even specialised courses like Accent Reduction and Professional Writing.

Reliable, Qualified, Experienced Teachers

We recognise the importance of experience but also want to foster creativity, dynamism and enthusiasm for the teaching profession. Our teachers are certified, well-trained, often have corporate or entrepreneurial experience and possess a passion for language and language teaching.


We are constantly looking at new and innovative ways in which we can improve the learning experience for our clients. Through digital and face-to-face feedback, needs analyses and regular progress checks, clients are easily able to keep track of their own progress. This also helps us understand how we can improve courses and ensure learners meet all their language goals.


Get talking! Your Teacher 2 Go will create lessons that will give you confidence in speaking and improve your fluency!


You decide. Your Teacher 2 Go will design lessons according to what you want to learn and how.


Need help writing proposals, reports, university essays or doing presentations? Your Teacher 2 Go will design lessons to help you write, speak or present like a professional.


Already an advanced user? Your Teacher 2 Go can help you fine-tune your language skills to perfection.

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